WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Rainbow Phunnel Black Turquoise

Rainbow Phunnel Black Turquoise

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Product information "Rainbow Hookah Phunnel Black Turquoise"
The Rainbow Hookah Phunnels are handcrafted from natural clay, which is why each head is unique and no two heads are the same!
Due to the glazed tobacco depot, the heads are tasteless and do not absorb any taste from other tobacco in the depot itself.

Setup recommendation:
They can be smoked with pleasure with both Darkblend and Virginia Gold tobacco.
The Phunnel can be smoked with aluminum foil and a support sieve as well as with an HMD from eg Kaloud.

Height: approx. 12 cm
outer diameter: approx. 7.8 cm
inner diameter: approx. 6.9
cm tobacco depot depth: approx. 1.1
cm tobacco depot capacity: approx. 17 g

Small micro-cracks in the head can occur and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint.
Slight deviations in the glaze and shape due to the manufacture by hand cannot be ruled out and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint.