WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

New Lime 250g

New Lime 250g

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New Lime Tangiers Flavor Description

This lime flavor is a water-alcohol wash of a Mexican Lime Style Lime Flavor. It resembles limeade in its flavor, without the sugary sweetness. The limey flavor is very strong and the humidity resistance and endurance is good.

This flavor has been dubbed "New Lime" simply because the old lime flavor produced by Tangiers had a slight formulaic makeover in the year 2010. Not surprisingly, the old Lime flavor was dubbed "Lime" (as well as "Limeade" for a brief moment). 


Tangiers Shisha Tobacco

Tangiers has built a name for themselves in the hookah market worldwide, and this was all done by allowing their tobacco to speak for itself. All of the Tangiers production takes place under a close watch to ensure a consistent quality of flavor and overall performance.

Each 250 gram bag arrives in a double packed air sealed package with a hand written label and a quality inspection hologram sticker. There are multiple lines within the Tangiers collection and the Noir flavors are considered to be the original line that started it all.

Tangiers is an unwashed tobacco that provides a more robust smoke flavor profile for the experienced smokers. The Tangiers collection is known for creating a stronger buzz because of the higher nicotine content, so we caution the use of this brand for beginner smokers.