WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Moze Dash blue/white edge-blue base

Moze Dash blue/white edge-blue base

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The Moze Dash is designed to create an unforgettable smoking experience at a fair price. With the various smoke column sleeves and plug-in bowls, there are many ways to adapt the shisha to your design ideas. In addition, both the sleeves and the plug-in bowls are also available individually, so that you can always give the shisha a new look! In our warehouse, all hookahs are checked again for high quality before they are dispatched.  The epoxy resin components are the smoke column and mouthpiece. 

Scope of delivery:

1x head adapter

1x coal plate

1x column of smoke / immersion pipe

1x blow-out element

1x base 

1x Moze Dash Sleeve

1x plug-in bowl

1x bowl seal

7x POM balls (7mm)