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Kashmir Peach 250g

Kashmir Peach 250g

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Tangiers Kashmir Peach Flavor Description

The complexity of spices in Kashmir combined with a special peach flavor that connects better with Kashmir than regular Juicy Peach Tangiers. The floral tones of the Kashmir flavor mesh incredibly well with this delicious peachy blend, making for an interesting medley of deliciousness. It's a strong flavor, in the best way possible, and also one that is incredibly complex. It will have you filling up bowl after bowl to both enjoy the flavor, and to dissect its many part. Kashmir does that. The flavor resists humidity well and will last a long time, so stock up!

Recommended Tangiers Kashmir Peach Mixes

Kashmir Peach is a subtle spicy peach tea blend that smokes like a dream. It is a great flavor to smoke on its own, but can be mixed with a couple complementary flavors to add another flavor accent to the blend. Tangiers Clove is a perfect complementary flavor for Kashmir Peach because it accentuates the spicy peach while adding an entire floral/herbal layer to the flavor. 

We might also recommend trying to mix this with Ololiuqui, although we haven't tried that particular mix here yet. It might be time to load up a bowl.. 

Got some great mix ideas using this Tangiers Kashmir Peach shisha tobacco? We're all ears, click "Review" to share your flavor review and mix recommendations. Happy mixing!
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