WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Concord Grape 250G

Concord Grape 250G

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Trifecta Dark Concord Grape

There are a variety of "grape" flavors that exist in hookah, but Concord Grape from Trifecta Tobacco took a whole different direction from what you would expect from other "grape" flavors.

Instead of the most common "white grape," Concord Grape takes the flavors of freshly picked red grapes and slams it right into your bowl. Seriously, if you close your eyes and smell this shisha, it's exactly like smelling a jar of grape jelly.

This new take on grape quickly allowed Concord Grape to become on of our top choices and you'll always be able to find a jar of it in our regular rotation. Pick up a can and try it for yourself!

Trifecta Dark Shisha Tobacco 250g

Trifecta dark flavors are finally here and we're happy to help get you smoking with all the fantastic flavors that Trifecta has to offer. These handmade batches are developed and manufactured in the USA with bold dark leaf tobacco leaves. You can enjoy this shisha in any style of hookah bowl and it's very versatile with different packing methods.
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