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Al-Mani Tradi Glass G150

Al-Mani Tradi Glass G150

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Al-Mani Tradi glass-150

The " Tradi Glass Collection " series from AL-MANI is our first product with the " Genuine Product " production.

Products with the “Genuine Product” seal are processed and packaged to a high quality and are subjected to a quality control before they leave the production facility  . Only then does the seal appear on the cardboard box.  

The G-150 model of the "Tradi Glass Collection" is scratch-resistant and washable. The color is not lacquered , but is achieved in the manufacturing process by adding various substances.

In retrospect, the bowl was decorated and burned in beautiful, bright colors with various ornaments. Thus, the decoration is also robust, scratch-resistant and enables the cleaning process. 

Dimensions G-150 model:    

Height: 30 cm

Glass diameter below: 16 cm

Glass diameter above: 8 cm

Diameter opening: 5 cm