WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Al-Mani Coco Gold Premium - 1Kg - 25mm

Al-Mani Coco Gold Premium - 1Kg - 25mm

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Al-Mani  Coco 1 kg 25  made from 100% coconut shells, is a purely natural product.

The burning time of Al-Mani Coco is about 1.5 hours, thus ensuring a
l anges and relaxed smoke.

The coal has no taste of its own and therefore the tobacco taste is not  adulterated.
In addition, the coal has very little smoke of its own, which is very pleasant.

Al-Mani Coco is a very environmentally friendly product because not a single tree is used in its manufacture


The Al-Mani Coco can also be used for grilling.

An electric heating plate, gas burner or similar is required to fire up the coal.

Cube dimensions:

25mm x 25mm x 25mm

Technical details:

Carbon content                     min. 80%

Humidity max. 8%                          

Volatile components             max. 9.5%

Ash                                    max. 2.5%         

Al-Mani - Shisha charcoal - quality