WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Al-Mani Blacky (1P)

Al-Mani Blacky (1P)

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The AL-MANI  Blacky , made of high quality V2A stainless steel interior and wood smoke column .


Thanks to the built-in  SCREW SYSTEM , the water can be changed quickly and easily. It also ensures an airtight connection to the smoke column.

The valve has a ground joint connection to enable thorough cleaning.


The  Blacky  is in  complete set  delivered, so can you  begin right after the construction with the pleasurable smoking.

The timelessly shaped bowl was decorated with beautiful hand cuts afterwards.


Height:  approx. 60 cm



Scope of delivery:

- Blacky Shisha

- tobacco head

- Chimney attachment

- silicone hose

- Wooden mouthpiece and aluminum end piece

- Anti-kink spring

- Ground valve with ball

- seals

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