WARNING! These products contain nicotine, which can be addictive.

Al-Mani Arrow (1P)

Al-Mani Arrow (1P)

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The  AL-MANI ARROW   is a high quality shisha. The inner frame  is made of high quality  V2A stainless steel.
On the outside, it is encased in a carbon shell , which gives the shisha an individual and special look.

Thanks to the built-in  CLICK-SCREW SYSTEM  , the water  can  be changed quickly and  easily  (1.5 turns). In addition, it ensures an airtight connection to the smoke column,
which is why smoking is even more intense and tasty.

The new grinding type of the hose connection is suitable for thorough and simple cleaning and water change. 
Due to the innovative blow-off valve, smoking  is an extraordinary experience, it is not only a visual, but also a technical highlight.

The  Arrow is available in various stylish versions and  is  supplied in a  complete set , so you can start smoking immediately after setting it up.


Height:  approx. 75 cm



Scope of delivery:

-Arrow hookah

- Stone head

- Chimney attachment

- silicone hose

- Mouth / end piece 

- Anti-kink spring 

- Riffle plate 

- seals 


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